6 Classic Cocktail Recipes!

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1oz vodka
2oz cranberry juice
1oz grapefruit juice
lime for garnish


2oz peach nectar (or peach puree)
sparkling wine

Pineapple Fizz

1oz coconut rum
2oz pineapple juice
soda water
fresh pineapple for garnish

Classic Mojito

½ lime, sliced into 4
8-10 fresh mint leaves
1 tsp sugar
1oz white rum
soda water

Blue Lagoon

1oz vodka
1oz blue curacao
3oz lemonade
cherry for garnish

Purple Cosmo

1½oz vodka
½oz blue curacao
1oz cranberry juice
lime juice

11 thoughts on “6 Classic Cocktail Recipes!

  1. if you could make a holiday version of cocktails – i don’t really know what
    you should drink in terms of alcohol for thanksgiving and christmas – it
    would be perfect!

  2. Hi love ur recipes and I would love for u to make some non alcoholic
    cocktails coz I’m only 14 but I would still be like a cocktail but with no
    alcohol xx love u xx

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