Get High On Life With Raw Living Foods

Our diet plays a major factor in how we feel everyday. If you’re eating a lot of processed, cooked foods, chances are, you could be feeling a lot better than you do. Don’t wait. Start adding more raw, living foods into your diet at every meal and start feeling the difference. Fuel your body with foods that are alive with energy so you can feel alive with energy.

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25 thoughts on “Get High On Life With Raw Living Foods

  1. thank you, I started one week ago I feel amazing :) and videos like yours
    make me keep going, the first year will probably be the hardest, keep
    motivating, it will change lives:)

  2. I know, right? I wish I had stuck with it 10 years ago when I first learned
    about raw foods. There wasn’t an abundance of information available back
    then as there is today, thanks to the internet and raw food forums.

  3. I’ve tried the vegan diet but always feel very hungry and very hard to get
    the recommended 2500 calories a day on a vegan diet. Do we really need 2500
    calories a day?

  4. @smoky2004 One reason you might be feeling hungry is from not eating enough
    calorie rich foods. The more calories you consume, the more satisfied
    you’ll be after a meal. What are you eating on an average day? How many
    calories you need depends on your height and weight. You may require more
    than 2500 calories.

  5. Just wanted to say that I really like your channel and I hope you’ll be
    fruit-fleshing it out with more and more videos as time goes along. Will be
    suggesting it to all people open to dietary change. =)

  6. what do you think about mixing fruits and veggies in a blender? i do that
    sometimes because i have a hard time eating veggies….(it’s the taste…)
    what do you recommend as a good way to start with raw foods? ( for those of
    use who want to change our eating habits…but are addicted to all the bad

  7. @777AMAYA I think blending is awesome as long as you’re not blending things
    like bananas and broccoli together. The best things to blend with fruit are
    tender leafy greens like spinach and romaine, or celery. Blending veggies
    with other veggies is great. Also, after a while your taste buds will enjoy
    the taste of fresh veggies. Always go with your taste buds. If it tastes
    good, go for it. If it’s bitter and tastes bad, I would avoid it. The body
    knows best. :o)

  8. @777AMAYA The best way to start a raw food diet is to just start
    incorporating more raw foods. Eat more fresh fruit and have more salads.
    Then slowly start to decrease the amount of cooked food you eat and
    increase your intake of raw foods, especially calorically rich fruit. That
    should help a lot.

  9. Love your message, thanks so much, I think people need to hear it, about
    not just how it’s good for your health but how is helps for well being and
    life-force. I’m transitioning to raw and am feeling so much better. I no
    longer use the stove, no dishes, it feels fantastic!

  10. @vicky2c My initial detox came when I began a traditional high fat raw diet
    & it lasted about 3 weeks. I had bad flu like symptoms & then cold
    symptoms, especially a menacing sore throat I thought would never go away.
    I got better but I honestly never really started feeling good until I began
    811 6 months later & getting the right amount of calories. Before that, I
    always ate healthy w/ lots of salads, fruit & veg but I did eat animal
    products, bread, pizza, some junk food but rarely red meat.

  11. @rawsynergytv lately, out of nowhere, I’ll suddenly be engulfed in the full
    sensory perception of some type of food I used to eat. Mostly Italian,
    Chinese or Mexican food because those flavors are so strong. It will just
    hit me as if it’s right under my nose and just for a second I can smell it,
    taste and sense it, almost like I’m reliving a memory, and then it
    disappears! It’s very bizarre! So I just enjoy it for a moment and move on.
    You’re on a good path, so don’t push yourself b4 your ready.

  12. @vrwhitlockable Most raw food diets may find herbal teas acceptable if
    they’re brewed at a low temp or in the sun. However, a low fat raw vegan
    diet recommends a much higher quality of liquid preferably water. Or, cane
    juice, orange juice etc. for the benefit of the calories.

  13. @Serb1anArchangel Living food is plant based nutrition that hasn’t been
    denatured or heated above 118 degrees, retaining it’s life force, enzymes
    and vital nutrition. In basic terms, it’s fruits, vegetables, nuts and
    seeds that haven’t been cooked.

  14. The case seems to be, do what works for you. I’m on a 80/10/10 program of
    sorts myself, but that’s 80% protein, I have no lack of energy, am up at
    the crack of dawn, am in the gym 6 days a week and have lost lots of
    weight. I hvae a book called “Eating right for your blood type”, and my
    type is for eating meat, discarding most grains and I feel better than I
    ever have in my life. GOD bless you that your raw plant diet works for you,
    but it does vary according to the indivudual.

  15. I like you, I like your message, but I don’t like the corner of the kitchen
    you’ve chosen. What about outside, at the park, hair blowing in the wind
    anything else but that corner. It’s bbbboring in a nice way

  16. Thank you so much! The less you eat the faster you’ll detox for sure. The
    fastest way is to water fast, if you have the time and ability to rest. If
    not, focus on super juicy fruits like melons, mangoes, citrus, etc. Those
    will really help your body clean house. :0)

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