Green Detox Challenge Beginner – Chaud’s Juice Therapy

Check out how to make the super simple Green Detox Challenge Beginner Recipe!

8 cucumbers
8 apples
1 lemon
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of cilantro
1 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of kale

Directions: Using a juicer, process all of the ingredients together. While juicing, it’s easiest to have a large container standing by to pour your juice into when your receiver cup gets full. When finished, pour the juice into six separate 16 oz jars. These six jars are one days worth of juice. If you have a masticating juicer, the juice can be made the night before. If you have a centrifugal juicer, you can clean your produce the night before and juice the morning of. Juice from a centrifugal juicer shouldn’t be stored any longer than the day. Drink the juices 2 hours apart starting in the morning. You should consume 8 glasses of water throughout the day in addition to your juices. Cheers!






17 thoughts on “Green Detox Challenge Beginner – Chaud’s Juice Therapy

  1. Great tips. It’s simple for me. When I juice I get my recommended servings
    of fresh fruits and vegetables. Detoxing with fresh juice does work!

  2. Chaud,your beautiful! =) Gives me something to work toward so thank you!

  3. Does it matter what kind of apple I use? Is there kind that is better than
    the other kind. 

  4. I just bought the exact same juicer! But overheating is something I knew
    nothing about with this juicer.

  5. I love juicing. Purchasing a juicer & good blender years ago was the best
    thing that I have ever done for my health. When I’m detoxing I tend to do
    my green juice detoxing for at least 21 days & sometimes longer. Every time
    that I juice detox for 21 days, I tend to loose about 40 pounds. If I feel
    like I’m loosing to much weight then I will add a avocado & some nuts/seeds
    & or olive oil to my salad or dinner & all good But everyday I like to
    drink my breakfast & lunch in the form of green juices or smoothies & then
    I have a huge salad for dinner or something else nutritious. Doing it
    everyday for your first two meals or even one of your meals, keeps you
    detoxing, so when you finally do your big detox, you won’t have much to do
    & your body stays clean all year round mostly & you will coast right thru
    easily. 🍅🍉🍓🍊🍎🍆😊

  6. Claudia you spend way too much time talking in all your videos. You spend
    way too much time cutting your produce up when the juicer you are using
    will handle larger pieces than you are putting in the machine. You also use
    a strainer when all you need to begin with is a Vitamix!!! I have used both
    a juicer and a Vitamix, and only a moron would invest so much time and
    analysis in using a juicer. I do not have a a problem with oxidation, heat,
    spoilage or storage. I normally use my juice right away but I have also
    stored my juice for 3 days without any degradation or quality. I can out
    juice you on my worst day simply using a Vitamix “correctly”, a cotton nut
    milk bag and 1 bowl. I can smoke you on clean up too…

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