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  1. @assiaoumaima YES- this would make a great alternative to wine because the
    ginger gives it a similar warming effect as it travels into the body, but
    without the booze and far more healthful. If you could like to join a CSA
    (consumer supported agriculture) do a google search for CSA in your county.
    Thank you for your question and have a fabulous dinner party!

  2. @CarlosMarioMedellin ANd you have to treat it like one too! Start in low
    gear take it all the way to 10 then flip it into high gear. I am shocked at
    what this machine can make! Gentlemen… Start your engines.

  3. We LOVE our Super Angel juicer. The beet and carrot pulp produced by it are
    as dry as paper – so dry they it doesn’t even stain your bare hands if you
    pick it up and roll it around in your fingers! The Super Angel is kind of
    hard to find in the USA, but it’s available. My in-laws bought it right at
    the factory in Korea and brought it over as a wedding gift. I wouldn’t
    trade it for anything!!

  4. Don’t be so judgemental. She probably has a whole house water purifier.
    Thanks deliciousrevolution for sharing. I will give it a try.

  5. That depends. If you are using a Norwalk or Angel juicer you can get away
    with storing your juice while preserving the enzymes & nutrients. If you
    use the blender method or a centrifugal juicer- no. You need to drink those
    fresh. Thank you for your question and for watching.

  6. I do appreciate your advice, but I hope you’ll find a better music opening
    than that thump-thump horror your “producer” has bolted on there.

  7. Slow juice one beet, one apple or pear or both. Juice of one lemon, one
    lime and if still not sweet enough then can add agave nectar. Can add more
    water and ice to dilute the beet color and strong taste. Jae Steele makes a
    great pink lemonade with beets!

  8. Why thanks Phillip! Beets can be a mess- but they are delicious and worth a
    stained shirt now & then.

  9. It looks like any hippie organization is always going to be iffy. Some are
    quite fradulent.

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