Juice Recipe: Beginners and Kid friendly

Remember that what you put into your body is what comes out! Healthy hair, skin and nails!
Heres the recipe:

2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of broccoli
7 carrots
2 gala apples (any will do)
2 handfuls of grapes
1 handful of grape tomatoes
1 cucumber
Makes roughly 32 oz…

My Breville juicer:

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25 thoughts on “Juice Recipe: Beginners and Kid friendly

  1. Would love to see more recipes. interrested in the cleanse you do (in
    preparation for the wedding i.e.)

  2. I like the blender better as you get everything then with no waste at all
    but juicing is still better than nothing!

  3. You have inspired me to start juicing!!!!! You really should make more
    videos like this with new recipes and tips!! Thanks!

  4. the RPM of this type of juicer is so high (6,500-12,000 RPM) its only
    killing most of you live enzymes/nutrients. the omega juicer is this best
    running at only 80 RPM to get the best of juice!

  5. do you notice a significant improvement in hair and skin since juicing?
    like, does it make you look and feel younger?

  6. Where did you get that apple cutter? I absolutely loved this video. I am
    staring out to a few juices a week. This will be the first juice I make :)
    can’t wait for more videos

  7. juicing is only good when u make it. it begins to lose vitamin and mineral
    components that your body needs within 1 hour.

  8. You should try the recipe with: kale, pear, cucumber, and pineapple.. it’s
    one of my favorites :)

  9. Thanks! I got this same juicer for a few years sitting in the box. I
    promise to start finally using it. Your recipe is a great start! (Just
    funny how you hold the knife:). Also, wouldn’t it be better to juice
    spinach on a low setting?

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