Organic Superfoods: Botija Olives from Peru! Essential Living Foods Source Verified.

Come join ELF’s CEO Kipp Stroden on a tour of a most beautiful organic olive farm south of Lima Peru where our gorgeous, delicious, incredible and unique Peruvian Botija olives are grown and processed.

These succulent artisanal raw olives are rich in heart-healthy nutrients. Tree-ripened and cured in sea salt and spring water these sun-dried beauties are hand-pitted for easy snacking.

Peruvian olive experts Jose “Pepe” Vico and his wife Margit used innovative permaculture techniques to turn a 48 acre stretch of salted desert soil into a sustainable oasis of biodiversity — the first organic olive farm in Peru.

“Chacra Blanca,” their name for this beautiful stretch of Peruvian coastal desert, has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, the Vicos use sustainable agriculture practices to keep the soil rich and to make their olive products simply delicious. Not only is it organic, the farm is EUREGAP Certified for “Good Agricultural Practices,” and all its olive products are certified Kosher.

The entire farm is a sustainable circle of interdependance, filled with the fragrant scents of citrus, eucalyptus and fig trees that are planted along with the olive trees, creating a biodiversity that is ideal for protecting the olives and enhancing their flavor. Vico pioneered a unique compost made from pruning of the olive trees, along with rich manure from the farm’s goats, sheep, and horses (who are only given organic feed). It takes a year for this compost to “cook,” but it provides the perfect nutrients for the soil without damaging the environment. For insect prevention, Vico uses a special spray made from an extract of olive leaves that he created himself.

These pioneering organic methods also increased the yields with four to seven year old trees producing as much as a typical twelve year old tree.

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