20 thoughts on “Summer Diet – Homemade Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Juices Recipe Video by Bhavna

  1. i love that you put that trash bag there, good thinking! now i know what to
    do when i get myself a juicer!

  2. Hi Bhavana .. your recipes are nice. I just have a single question. Where
    did u get the juicer, u were using?

  3. What if you have no time to juice. You have to buy the produce, wash,
    clean, cut, juice, wash and reassemble the juicer. Besides it is too
    expensive to get organic produce. Why not try juiceplus+. It is
    convenience, simple, affordable, a whole food nutrients, not a laboratory
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    perfectly for me. It will do the same for you. Your body will shine and
    thank you. Thank you for the video!

  4. Hello Bhavana,
    I have dried cranberries..can u give any idea of how to make cranberry
    juice with dried cranberries.

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