Top 3 Juice Recipes feat. French Guy Cooking!

It’s all about tha JUICE! Bout tha JUICE BABY! These are my top 3 juice recipes perfect to help build up your immune system. I’m joined by the brilliant Alex from French Guy Cooking! Check out our smoothie recipe on the French Guy Cooking Channel:

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21 thoughts on “Top 3 Juice Recipes feat. French Guy Cooking!

  1. YUMMM! I’ve been drinking smoothies every morning so making one of these
    juices might be a refreshing change-up! Can’t wait. That vegie-loaded one
    looks pretty funky – but worth a try!

  2. HA! Finally!! A detox juice recipe 😀 make more of these please! And BTW I
    think I’ve watched you on AFC?

  3. Just from a diet point of view, try making smoothies instead. You get
    fibre that way too :) With juice, you get a lot of sugars, but nothing to
    offset it.

    But if you are not on a diet – juice juice juice!! Tastes so good! 

  4. It’s strange seeing Alex as the ‘sous-chef’ of a kitchen!
    This was great, and they all look really tasty. I wish I could afford a
    juicer, it would definitely be nice to do juice for snacks and what not
    through the day.

  5. “I think it’s gonna be really…. really… green!” LOL Alex is so
    adorable, it hurts hahaha

  6. Hello Donal! Loved the video! As the matter of fact, I am in the market for
    a good juicer. Which one would you recommend? Thank you! Keep up the good

  7. Those juices look amazing! Personally, the problem I have with juicer
    machines is that they take off too much of the skin and stuff and hardly
    give you any juice at all. That’s why I use the Nutribullet, it doesn’t
    waste anything and gives you more for less. I have both devices so this is
    just my opinion from personal experience. 

  8. best thing to do is use the pulp in other recipes! carrot pulp can be used
    in all sorts of things, muffins, crackers the list goes on! waste not want
    not. love juicing, great vid. 

  9. What?! No longing gaze into each others eyes whilst sipping your juices? 😉
    Love a good juice combo. Great start to the day :)

  10. Could you maybe to easy and quick lunch ideas for students? I’m always
    struggling to take anything to uni so always end up buying from the
    disgusting canteen lol

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