Benefits of coconut oil on a raw vegan diet

Coconut oil on a low fat raw vegan diet?!
Sounds crazy right? WRONG.
Coconut oil IS a very high fat highly refined food with little to no nutrients making it basically empty calories. I do not recommend eating it on a raw vegan diet.
However, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer! Since becoming raw vegan I have looked for natural and healthy alternatives to the products I used to use and coconut oil seems to fit the bill for moisturizers and lotions.
Using just a dab for your hands or the tips of your hair, especially during the winter, goes a long way. In my experience it has been the most effective and least irritating moisturizer I have ever used. This comes as no surprise as it contains just one 100% natural ingredient: the oil of coconuts!
If you’re looking to find an alternate moisturizer give it a try :)