How To Make Vegan Junk Food

You had me at “vegan loaded nachos.”

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Leslie Durso





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16 thoughts on “How To Make Vegan Junk Food

  1. Vegans are killing and eating defenseless creatures we call plants. They
    cannot Scream or shout, they just lay there and let it happen. Why do we do
    this to our plants. I’ve also watched how farms treat animals, but still.
    Plants are killed everyday and no one ponders about it. Switch to bacon
    guys, or steaks, or fish. We cannot destroy our plants. Vegans=Global
    Warming nuff said.

  2. This bugs me so much reading through comments. Us vegans don’t think we are
    better than you who eat meat, we only are vegan for our personal reference.
    I would rather eat my vegan food that is much healthier, rather than eat
    meat, pay people to torture and slaughter animals, pollute the planet and
    my body. It’s our own choice and we have reasons for it. Most people don’t
    know why we are vegans- watching earthlings. It’s not about if we were
    meant to eat meat, it’s to stop and think- is it right to mass produce
    animals, torture and slaughter them so you can pollute the planet and
    pollute your body. I think not. 

  3. The lies people tell themselves to try and keep their meat diets. They’re
    turning a blind eye on purpose. The “humans are omnivores” “vegans kill
    plants” “we need meat protein”, (as if protein doesn’t come from anywhere
    else) are all lies. It’s human nature to try and justify things if it
    benefits yourself. To save yourself the trouble of a moral dilemma. Maybe
    being vegan cant save the animals who have died, but at least we’re doing
    something to say we don’t approve, I think giving up meat is worth it in
    the end, because you decided the animal was worth more than the meal. While
    being a meat eater, you know in the back of your mind, YOU’RE the reason
    billions of farm animals are still suffering. Because you ate them, you
    supported the abuse, you’re the bystander watching the bully beat up a kid,
    and decided to do nothing and you enjoy it. you’re the person outside the
    slaughterhouse, yelling as them to kill and torture even more animals. Hope
    it feels good, but I’m not gonna be that person.

  4. ALL that food looked awful from the black bean patty to the cashew cheese.
    WTF is cashew cheese anyway? Vegan food is flavourless, textureless slop.
    Adding more salad to a burger that is pretty much all salad sounds fucking
    disgusting anyway. Imagine walking into a restaurant, ordering a burger and
    the waiter asks you how you’d like it cooking; you tell him and he says ”
    sorry all we have is mushed up beans” I’d leave there and then. Vegans who
    argue that most meat is horse hooves and tallow don’t know that for half
    the price of what you’d pay for a vegan meal you can get high quality
    ethnically farmed meat.

  5. I just don’t understand why you would go vegan. I mean, I understand being
    vegetarian, but vegan? Honestly, I’ve never met a person whose vegan, and
    where I live there are almost no vegetarians. You can have a healthy diet
    which contains meat, just cut the junk instead of adding the vegan. 

  6. Vegans seriously piss me off because they moan about all their “save the
    animals” shit, when really they are just clueless people from the town who
    basically know nothing about the real countryside and think all animals are
    cute and cuddly like badgers, foxes and many other things, and being a
    farmer who spends most of his life in the valleys of Scotland I think that
    I am quite knowledgeable to say that most wild animals are shit heads and
    I’m not sure about other country’s but definitely in Britain, cows and
    sheep are treated VERY well, they have nice, clean bedding, a perfect diet
    and get looked after very well if they are ill of injured.

  7. Vegans be like: animals are alive so I won’t kill them
    Plants are alive as well, and when you kill them, they feel pain. It is
    scientifically proven, Google it.

  8. I am vegan because I can not tolerate the processing added to many meats
    and fast foods.

    It’s really unfortunate, but I don’t get sick anymore, so I am happy.

    Oh and on a side note, it isn’t that hard to be vegan. But trust me when I
    say this, do not ever try to make black bean burgers, do not attempt to
    make tofu meat substitutes.

    Just substitute a bean burrito, casserole, ppj sandwiches, and other
    protein based things. It isn’t that hard, and way easier if you can
    tolerate cheese too.

  9. Ok, now really is there any reason to be vegan? I see the vegetarian the
    hole animal killing, you feel sorry for them, but why not eat animal
    products like: Cheese, milk and others?

  10. for all of you saying that buzzfeed is forcing veganism on you, there are
    TONS of meat and other animal product recipes littered all over this
    channel, and the other ones, they even killed chickens on buzzfeed video.
    this is the only video i’ve seen about veganism on here. by your logic,
    buzzfeed is FORCING vegans to eat meat and dairy products, and shoving
    their opinions in our faces. see how that works? they make one video for
    vegans, over the hundreds of others about animal products,and you guys are
    being forced to go vegan? Quit being cunts.

  11. OK easy question. If someone tried to put put you on a grill what would you
    do? If you said fight exactly. Now if you said sit there that’s just dumb.
    Now if you put a pig on a grill what would it do. If you said fight then
    right. If you stay there it would not. So there for animals are not for

    I have proved my point.

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