How to Thrive on The Raw Foods Diet + Benefits of Juicing

Whitney and guest Jenny Ross, chef and author, answer questions about the raw vegan diet and lifestyle, covering topics like juicing, blending, raw till 4, 80/10/10, detoxing, supplements and recipes.

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– Announcements-

2:58 Eco-Vegan Gal participates in Vegan MoFo September 2014
3:51 Eco-Vegan Gal Book Club!
4:33 Introduction to Jenny Ross
7:53 Green Star Juicer

17:42 What are your feelings on fermented foods on a raw diet?

21:47 What are your feelings on the Raw Till 4 diet? If one is incorporating small amounts of cooked foods, which are your favorites and why?

24:33 What percentage of fat do you consume per day?

30:48 I would like to transition to a Raw Vegan.When I previously tried to do this. I became very lethargic and lost weight at an accelerated rate. How would you recommend adding more raw foods into a vegan diet without causing a systemic imbalance or vitamin deficiency?

35:19 Have you experienced detox symptoms for going vegetarian to vegan?

40:55 Have you ever had Raw Maca Powder or taken Maca supplements?

– Live Q&A –

45:51 What is a healthy ratio to solid foods to juice?

49:57 Do you have a juice combo that tones down the earth taste of beets?

52:35 What are you favorite easy salad dressings?

55:02 I’m just wondering what you recommend for people who don’t have a high quality blender or juicer?

1:00:22 What do you think is more nutritious? Blending or juicing?

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