Rich Roll Interview – Incredible Benefits Of Raw Foods, Ultra Endurance, And The Plant Power Way

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On this episode we have on Rich Roll who is a bestselling author, host of a wildly popular health & fitness podcast, and named by Men’s Fitness as one of the Top 25 Fittest Guys in the World.

Rich has seen the transformation of his mind and body directly by changing the food he was eating. He is now inspiring thousands upon thousands of people worldwide, and today you’re going to learn why his message is so powerful.

In this episode you’ll discover:

*How Rich turned around a life of drugs and alcohol and became a leading voice in the field of health.
*Why an unbelievable experience with his wife’s health became a catalyst for change in his life.
*How juicing and fasting can have an incredible impact on our health (you’ve got to hear these stories!)
*What an Ultraman Race is.
*What the underlying cause of fibroid tumors are.
*A powerful insight about pain and how it can be beneficial to you.
*How the idea of perfection can hinder your progress.
*How to instantly generate more momentum in your health practices.
*What all popular, effective diets have in common.
*Why The Plant Power Way is so beneficial no matter what dietary guidelines you follow.
*What the real benefits of raw foods are (this is powerful!)
*What biophotons are and how it relates to our DNA.
*How to upgrade your pasta dishes (it’s amore!)
*Powerful strategies to help your kids and loved ones eat healthier.

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