SYDNEY 2015 / Vegan Food, Bondi, Meet Ups, Adventures, Back2Earth Retreat

In December Emily (@the_peachy_pear) and I went to Sydney for 10 days and it was pretty crazy. Also we realised we need Gelato Blue in Adelaide.

Thank you to all the wonderful girls we met through Instagram for being endlessly warm and welcoming, for showing us around and keeping us company.

I have been super busy with Uni exams, moving houses (which is still in the process of renovation – I am currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor that doesn’t even have a carpet), housing my Russian grandparents who came to visit us in Aus for 3 months, plus a bunch of other little things that kept me occupied.
I am excited to be back and will be vlogging my Kangaroo Island trip in January and Bali trip in February (plus many more future travels of course)

Hope you all have been well and had the merriest Xmas of all :)

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