Vegan Food in Seoul

We go for vegan food in Seoul. It’s really quite good! And we give you directions on how to get there and everything.

For the map and the menu of the restaurant, check out our blog post linked below:

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10 thoughts on “Vegan Food in Seoul

  1. Wow, these are everywhere… there’s even two here in Perth, Australia (the
    city that has absolutely nothing.)

  2. I don’t like the fact that they mostly serve meat centered dishes in vegan
    style. Don’t try to veganize steak or cutlets of meat, it’s just gross.
    Even though I like tofu, I don’t want the tofu to BE the meal. I prefer
    vegan dishes that are centered around vegetables, fruit, nuts, rice, pasta,
    beans or bread. With a little bit of tofu if the dish is too light, but
    don’t make the meal *about* the tofu.

  3. Donkatsu is schnitzel. It’s literally Japan’s take on it, then Korea got it
    from Japan after that. It’s cool how food moves around like that.

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