Vegan Food Prep-Staying Healthy During the Week!

Here is how I prepare some of my food for the week to stay healthy and make sure I eat all my produce :) Check out my other food prep videos here: Instagram:

Interested in Veganism?
Watch Forks over Knives on Netflix (this was the start to my vegan journey….)

If you care about animals
Watch Earthlings:

12 thoughts on “Vegan Food Prep-Staying Healthy During the Week!

  1. This is such a great idea for when you’re busy! Chopping vegetables is a
    favorite of mine, I think it’s relaxing, lol. I sometimes make a bag of dry
    beans at the beginning of the week, and keep them in the fridge for salads
    and dinners. You can freeze them too! I never thought of doing that with

  2. So practical and simple but I can see how this would make life so much
    easier! I need to get my ish together and start doing more pre-prep.

  3. Great tips. I do this too, such a time saver and way to make sure you will
    eat your veggies! -Shannon

  4. This is such a great idea! I’m always really busy during the day with a
    toddler running around me while I’m trying to cook so this would definitely
    help me out! :) Thanks for sharing, I’m enjoying your videos and looking
    forward to seeing more!

  5. I’m going to go vegan for a month to see how I like it, I know I will miss
    my fish and eggs but let the journey begin:)

  6. Great idea it will save alot of time. Those are all my favorite foods. Love
    black beans and chick peas you can make so many things with them from
    salads and soups, black bean dip, hummus with the chick peas, veggie
    burgers etc; the possibilities are endless.

  7. Great video! This is just what I needed to see. I have alot of veggies in
    the fridge right now and they sometimes go bad
    because you dont want to prepare them everyday. I am going to do this
    tomorrow. It will make a big difference in me eating
    more of the food I buy. Thank You!

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