3 Tips To Build Muscle By Juicing — Mike Chang & Drew Canole

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It’s Mike Chang and welcome to sixpackshortcuts. Today I am with my friend Drew Canole and in this video we are going to show you how to build muscle by juicing. A lot of people don’t think it’s possible, but I have some NINJA TRICKS to share with you that will change your mind about juicing, and your body for the better. Tips like this can get you well on your way to building the strong, muscular body you’ve always dreamed of having.

1:34 The way Drew puts it is that you are what you absorb, not you are what you eat. Because you can eat or drink a ton of protein and not be absorbing most of it.

2:30 I used to not eat vegetables myself and I was stupid haha. And 55% of America has problems with absorption… a lot of that probably has to do with how much we don’t eat vegetables.

3:53 3 Tips To Build More Muscle

Tip #1 Increase Your Absorption By Juicing: it will help your increase the rate and your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you need to build muscle.

Tip #2 Get Better Quality Sleep By Juicing : when you sleep better, you are able to release more growth hormone in your body that will help you build more muscle. Dark, green vegetables are loaded with magnesium and they will help you sleep better!

Tip #3 Juicing Increases Your Nitric Oxide Production: use nature’s nitric oxide by using beets and beet roots. So when you eat a vegetable like this, your body absorbs it without having to break it down, because it is NATURAL! It will give you the energy you need to push hard through your workouts.

8:50 Juice Recipe For Building Muscle
– 2 beets and their roots (roots have more nutrients)
– dandelion greens
– broccoli
– kale
– cucumber
– celery
– apple cider vinegar
– a simple glutamine supplement for gut healing
– bcaas

14:38 If you want to build muscle you should drink this juice once a day in the morning so you can start seeing some of the benefits. Then work your way up to two glasses a day. Once you are up to two glasses a day then you should try a cleanse, which will help you put on a ton of muscle.

**15:33 Drink your juice on an empty stomach and do it in the morning if you want to build muscle.

I hope this information helps you out!

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