Anti Cancer Fighting Juice – Raw Food Green Juicing with Dorivee Breast Cancer Survivor

Dorivee Video Blog # 4 Juicing all greens ~ Please hit the LIKE button :)

Juicing has changed my life and I attribute my health right now to a juice intensive diet while undergoing treatment for my cancer which is stage 4. Here is what I made this juice from:

Kale, Parsley, Turnips Green, Spinach, Green Grapes, Asparagus, Celery, Broccoli, Green Apples, then transfer to Nutri Bullet blend Goji Berries and or pumpkin seeds, lime juice and finally Turmeric.

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About me: On Christmas Day 2004, I was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, I underwent multiple surgeries, along with six months of chemotherapy treatment with the hope of preventing any further possibility of recurrence. For several years, and multiple check-ups the cancer appeared to remain dormant.

Now I had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer … Fighting for my life … I choose to win. I want to help and inspire others. Please learn more on my Facebook page.