Ep 7 – Cat Health: Easy Homemade Raw Cat Food

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Many cat owners have heard the benefits of raw food feeding, but are confused as to how to get started. Some try it on their own, unaware that they may be missing some vital ingredients necessary for cat health and others have found recipes in books or on the internet but feel overwhelmed by the whole process. There are some boutique stores and companies that specialize in nutritionally balanced raw food meals which can be purchased frozen, however these can be quite costly.

The easiest way to step into the homemade raw food arena and still provide a nutritionally balanced raw food diet is through the use of kits or pre-mixes. Several companies make these kits and they generally only require the addition of raw meat and water. In this episode of Cat Chat, Arloa uses one of these raw food kits to demonstrate how easy it can be to feed your cat a nutritionally complete raw food diet.

Raw feeding is a personal decision and is not for everyone. While Arloa strongly believes it is the healthiest diet for her cats, she encourages her viewers to do their own research and perhaps speak with a pet nutritionist or holistic animal practitioner, as they have spent much of their careers devoted to nutritional research.

The kit I used is the Raw Made Easy Kit I which can be ordered from http://www.felinespride.com

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