How to Make RAW CAT FOOD (RECIPE) – Homemade Cat Food for Healthy Cats

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If you want your feline furry baby to be one of the healthiest, handsomest cats in the world – and one who doesn’t struggle with the all too common bladder or kidney issues – I highly suggest transitioning him or her to a raw meat diet. This food does take some work to prepare, but it will also save you a LOT of money in the long run (on food AND vet bills)!

IMPORTANT TIP: It is best to use organic, pastured egg yolks and non-commercial, non-supermarket brand livers (Murray’s brand works great). If cost isn’t much of an issue, go all out and get organic chicken thighs, too! Animals can tell the quality of what you feed them and I learned that any time I used commercial eggs or supermarket chicken livers, my cat would barely eat his food. But with high quality of both (and FRESH ground meat) he devours it. I only go for the pricier organic thighs when I travel and someone else has to feed him while I’m away, as it best ensures he will eat his food. Yep, picky AND spoiled.

ALSO note that a cat will rarely start eating this way from the get-go. It requires transitioning. First, from dry to wet food. Then by adding small ratios of raw food to the wet food until you reach a full transition… which could take weeks to months. I strongly suggest checking out for tons of info regarding all of this.

Full recipe, measurements, instructions:

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