Kale Chips Recipe “The Best Tasting Kale Chip Raw Food Recipe”

http://www.TheRawFoodWorld.com Angela and I just did a Kale Chips Recipe Video. We were just making it up as we went along. The kale chips that we made are by far the best we’ve ever had. I’m so glad we did this kale chips dehydrator video so we can see what we did a duplicate it.

Kale chips are an ideal replacement for unhealthy potato chips. Many of us spend a lot of money every month of kale chips. Now you can literally make your own with this recipe, and they will taste incredible.

Oria is in the second half of the video for the taste testing segment. These are better than kale chips tastemade, kale chips rachael ray, kale chips laura vitale, kale chips bebexo, kale chips luxy and so forth. These are even better than the kale chips with nutritional yeast.