Zucchini Pasta with raw marinara – Raw Food Recipe – ‘Just Raw’ Recipe Video

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Join Whitney Calibaba, Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Grounded Nutrition. She teaches how to prepare zucchini pasta and an awesome marinara sauce.


For the Pasta:
2-4 organic zucchini

For the Sauce:
1/2 cup (salt and oil free sun dried tomatoes, soaked in 1 cup boiling water
4 fresh tomatoes
1/2 cup packed fresh basil leaves, stems removed
1/2 cup nutritional yeast + extra for garnish (optional)
1 stalk celery, roughly chopped
1/4 medium onion, diced yield 1/4 cup
1/4 cup walnuts, roughly
chopped + extra for garnish
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tsp dried oregano
freshly ground black pepper