Raw Fruit Peach Cake with Bourbon Sauce – Raw Food Dessert Recipe

This amazing Raw Fruit Peach Cake with Bourbon Sauce you can enjoy even if you’re on a slim diet. It is not only delicious, but it is first of all incredible healthy:

– Maca is proven natural aphrodisiac, helps lift libido, has
a positive influence on fertility among men and women,
regulates hormonal balance …

– this raw food fruit dessert cake is rich with antioxidants
like Goji Berries, Sea Buckthorn, Cocoa, Vanilla …

– Goji Berries are a perfect antioxidant, contain immense
vitamin C quantity, more vitamins group B, the immune
system booster, slow down the aging process …

– Sea Buckthorn is an excellent vitamin B source

But, this yummy raw fruit peach cake has one big fault — its expiration date is very, very short. It is simply so beautiful that you can’t stay away from it until it’s gone.

However, that’s not such a big problem, you can always make a new one.

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