Top 10 SuperFoods for Weight Loss

superfoods for weight loss
1. Avocados.
Multiple studies show that if you add foods with health-supporting “good” fats to an already healthy diet, your blood pressure can drop along with your body fat. That really is two great things that go great together.Avocados are a great way to do that.

Avocados are high in fat; but almost all of it is monounsaturated fat, which helps lower LDL cholesterol — and does so without lowering your HDL.
Avocados are the number one “honor roll plant food” for nutrition.

2. Nuts (Walnuts And Almonds in Particular)

Walnuts are in many ways the top food in this category. But almonds and other nuts are nearly as powerful, and have slightly different health benefits. Also, the taste of nuts vary so much, and that’s important for any long-term dietary plan.
They are high in magnesium, which is vital for your heart health and controlling blood sugar levels.

3. Broccoli.
Broccoli is very filling, and a food you can eat until your heart’s content without fear of gaining so much as an ounce of body fat.

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, which is a fancy way of saying it comes from a nifty plant seemingly designed to help us all live longer. Broccoli is chalk-full of carotenoids for antioxidant health, and contains several types of micronutrients which help prevent cancer. Just some of these cancer fighters include indoles, sulfurophanes, carotenoids, and the natural form of vitamin C.

4. Blueberries

They are high in the flavonoids called anthocyanidins, which give blueber- ries and grapes their dark blue and purple color. Anthocynadins apparently work directly with vitamin C and protein in your body to keep your arteries healthy by preventing tears in their surface. This keeps them flexible and responsive to pressure changes as you age.

5. Green Tea.
Green tea has some health benefits that are far greater and well-studied than black tea. Green tea is high in a flavonoid that one large study showed reduced the incidence of breast cancer.

green tea is high in antioxidant, contains only moderate levels of caffeine, and keeps you mentally sharp. Gree tea does all of this without producing many of the problems coffee can often cause, which also fits this description.

6. Lentils.
Lentils rank first among the different kinds of beans because they are high in so many nutrients, and their glycemic index is unusually low. The lower a food is on the glycemic index, the less likely it is to elevate blood sugar and insulin rapidly. Both blood sugar and insulin spikes cause fat accumula- tion and are the culprits behind numerous disease states.

7. Oatmeal (Rolled Oats, Not Instant Oatmeal).
If you cook rolled oats in boiling water, with a bit of raw butter perhaps, it’s very good for you. Even those who have a low carb tolerance, like Jon, can consume oats when soaked overnight prior to boiling the next day. This deactivates the enzyme inhibitors that cause digestion problems.

Oatmeal is also reasonably high in protein and all the B vitamins. And, if you eat oatmeal with a bit of milk (or the protein mentioned earlier), you’ll get enough protein to substitute for a meal consisting of ham and eggs.

8. Garlic.
Garlic, particularly when served raw and minced, shows evidence of possessing antibiotic and antiviral effects. This is literally nature’s medicine. This is significant since we do not, as of yet, have medicines to combat certain viruses and bacteria which are gradually evolving to adapt to our oral antibiotics.

9. Tomatoes.
When eaten raw, tomatoes deliver ample amounts of fiber and vitamin C and a fair amount of vitamin A. The yellow fluid that surrounds tomato seeds is also a “mystery protectant” for your heart. The only real “mystery” is that hardly anyone knows about it!
Surprisingly, the not-so-lowly tomato’s strongest claim to SuperFood status is that they are even more healthy when cooked.
Cooking makes the lycopene in tomatoes more bioavailable. Lycopene is a carotenoid that helps protects against certain types of cancer and promotes heart health.

10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is a health-enhancing way to increase fat in your diet, and one that can make foods taste better. Olive oil blunts the appetite, making you feel more full despite eating a decreased volume of food.
Olive oil is one of the most important ingredients in the famous Mediterranean Diet, generally described as the “healthiest” style of eating for the general population.

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