Are Humans Capable Of Consuming Meat?

!!!This video is not anti-vegan or anti-vegetarian. You do you!!!

This video tackles a select a group of individuals within those communities, but not representative of those communities entirely, whom have a little regard for semantics and use generalizations to defend their stance. This video tackles that strictly from their point of view, people who claim humans are not capable of digesting meat and tackling it by supplying outliers and the counter generalizations. The reason being, it’s a video the tackles it from their perspective.

They humor is meant to make it more and joyful for everybody.

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A lot, and I need a lot of research when into this video! So here are all the citations that I use in order to formulate this video.

***Citations supporting pro meat:***
-This is an interview with MK, in it he talks about the evolution of intelligence. I would recommend anybody to watch it, it’s about 5 1/2 minutes.

-A National Geographic article that lists several professors each specializing in their own field, and is there information to provide a general understanding in the history of human meat consumption.

-BBC clip of a full-length documentary over the basic hunting styles that have been done for thousands of years.

-And article by Mark Sisson, the only dietitian to write an article and provide a lot of sources. Ironically he supports meat consumption.

***Citations supporting anti meat:***
-The information provided in this link has been cited over and over again. No one seems to want to question it. Well, until I came along.

-This is a vegan dietitian. He is highly regarded within his community. But has no certifications beyond the dietitian, provides few sources. The sources he does leave bleacher people who can’t be found after the article they “published.”

-This one cites a blogger who has no degree to justify his stance, just philosophy.

-PETA article, one of many. Almost all of them are in the first person and provide no citations. Only accusations without a source.

Yes, It’s True: Humans Aren’t Meant to Eat Meat

-This one has vague language stating that all scientists don’t support humans developing means to consume meat. Only two citations, one from Albert Einstein’s personal views and a historian he writes about philosophy.

Cites only one person, a cardiologist to provide reason why humans were never meant to eat me

***Length of digestive systems:***



***Extra information: (may add more as I find them)***
Herbivores and carnivores both sweat:*

^^^^^^ Check this last one out, you might find it interesting.