Eating a raw diet for 40 years, no longer vegan! Today’s video is with my friend John Fielder of Australia. John has been a raw foodist for over 40 years and is no longer a vegan. This interview was done over skype and is not great quality in the picture but wonderful information so hang in there and enjoy.

John’s position to eating meat is as follows: “It has been my experience that many people require to include some form of animal product – in its raw state – in their diet to be entirely healthy, and for their bodies to function optimally. The form the animal product can take is as cottage cheese, yoghurt, or Kefir, made from raw unpasteurised milk. Or raw eggs from free range chickens not fed with hormones etc. And although I do not advocate or recommend the eating of meat, for those that choose to eat meat, it should be in minute amounts, and raw. For in this way it will cause minimal harm.”

“The full story of why I am an advocate of animal products in the diet of most, if not all, is to be found on my website,”

Question of the day: Were you once a raw vegan and you went back to eating cooked food or animal products? Post your reply below.