He was born and raised on Long Island, NY in an environment of a loving extended family. Yet with all the visual love surrounding him as a youngster, there lied a pain and darkness he shared with no one. It was the constant nagging symptoms that his family would come to learn as Tourette’s Syndrome (TS).

As a child he felt helpless, constantly being prescribed various medications to subside the symptoms. None seemed to work and even then, Frank Tortorici often thought there had to be a better way.

At the age of 15, Frank Tortorici had entered an all natural body building contest. He quickly discovered that working-out had an incredible calming effect on his body. The impact immediately triggered an understanding and belief in him that healing can be brought to the human body. He began to exercise regularly and it had its benefits. However, the ‘bad tic’ days, begin to bring about obsessive thoughts. His body physically and mind mentally felt like they had simultaneously run for hours.

Frank was later introduced to a gluten-free way of living as an alternative supplement which he started to see results fast, as it helped to eliminate yeast growth in the intestines. He began researching and learned how to treat Tourette’s holistically; and that Candida- (a yeast-like fungal organism) is caused by such things as sugar, antibiotics and alcohol, which were attributing to ‘his’ symptoms. For the next few years Frank began to eat vegetarian, raw/vegan and conscious carnivorous.

Frank Tortorici now lives in Los Angeles, CA and has a satellite office in Newark, New Jersey, along with a facility in North, Hollywood Los Angeles, CA where he offers a multitude of services both publicly and privately. Certified through the American Council of Exercise, Crossfit Kettlebell and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition he gives his clients; some with neurological disorders an alternative — even if only it offers a healthier way of supplementing their living condition(s).

The Tourette’s Syndrome Association (TSA) recently referred to Frank Tortorici a “Renaissance Man” in their recent newsletter. He travels nationwide sharing his story and offering advice and services to many of those who are usually overlooked due their poverty circumstances and urban stricken area(s).

Frank is also pleased to announce his partnership with KUR ORGANIC SUPERFOOD BITES!
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Frank’s currently working on a host of edible delights under his ‘Yowser’ brand. Expect his incomparable taco; with its ‘meat’ being a blend of organic sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes and other ingredients, to his signature ‘Superfood Chocolate Mousse’ that is also diabetic friendly. He has a book forthcoming, along with a few other projects; associated with eager corporations, that are all excited about taking part in champion the cause of Frank Tortorici which is to educate people about fitness, food and faith