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MORE INFO: What we are eating that has worked for getting rid of our acne is a very low fat vegan diet. We were already eating pretty much the low fat diet of Dr. McDougall. And eating that we had our huge breakouts. After reading an article from Dr McDougall (which we’re putting a link to below) we realized we needed to lose all added fats. We sometimes had soy food, like soy milk twice a day with oatmeal, or avocados/guacamole, or nuts like peanut butter. We stopped all those added fats that Dr. McDougall mentioned in his article, so we were eating a plant-based diet very low in added fats. This worked within 3 days for us when we had no new breakouts! Then over the weeks after, our skin became clearer and clearer as the old pimples receded and cleared up. There is a book called MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS DIET by Dr. McDougall which describes how to eat this way. We lost around 5 pounds each in the month after we started, but we but didn’t want to, so we added a lot of calorie-dense dried fruit and fruit smoothies into our diet so we don’t lose too much.

So here is the first article we read from Dr. McDougall about acne and diet:

Here is a link to the book and specific program which we have followed to get rid of our acne for good:

Again, that book is called the Maximum Weight Loss Diet Program book. This is not Dr. McDougall’s regular program, but one that eliminates more fats like soy milk and olives.

The main this is to focus on eliminating fat. Obviously you want to avoid dairy products, milk, cheese, meat, eggs, nuts and so on, but also fake meats, fake cheese, soy milks, olives, hummus, avocado, nut butters. We will be posting the kinds of things we eat so that we don’t have any more breakouts.

There is also a FREE program Dr. McDougall gives away with menus to eat this way, see:

But again remember, you can’t have the higher fat things in his regular program, if you’re like us, or else you will still have breakouts.

We eat a lot of potatoes and rice, beans and veggies, oatmeal, sometimes whole wheat or rice pasta, as well as fruit. We will be posting videos of what we eat to give more examples.

What We Eat In A Day:

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