My vegan story. Why I stopped eating meat. Never planned to stay vegan.

This is my story. Why I stopped eating meat. What made me go vegan? Where did I find out about it? How long did it take me? Some of the answers may surprise you. I never planned on staying vegan. I always figured I would go back to eating meat once I got healthy, and it took me a long time to get to a place where I wouldn’t even consider eating meat again. This was a shock to even me.

So I let you guys know what my journey was like becoming vegan, and I’m being very transparent here. I am actually expecting some hate from this video, from those who might have thought I was vegan this whole time. I was 95% vegan for 7 years. For someone that never planned to stay vegan, to be where I am right now, I’m super proud of myself. Hopefully this can inspire someone to give the high carb vegan diet a try!


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