Natural to Eat Meat, Bras=Cancer, Vegan Bodybuilder, Organic Mexican Food & Another Giveaway?!! Whitney’s weekly health and sustainability roundup.

In this video:
T-Shirt of the Week: Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough
Restaurant of the Week: Gracias Madre organic Mexican food in San Francisco
Book of the Week: Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke
Food of the Week: Nacheez vegan nacho cheese (gluten & soy free!)
Health Tip of the Week: Ladies, wear wireless bras (thanks to Rachel Avalon for the advice!)
Eco Tip of the Week: Buy in bulk and re-use glass food jars for storage after removing labels with my trick
Video of the Week: It’s Natural to Eat Meat by Shell123ey
Website of the Week: Chocolate Covered Katie – naughty desserts get a healthy spanking!
Shout-Out of the Week: Christina Ross of PatisseRAW – raw food chef in Venice Beach
Answer of the Week: Question – Where can I find the natural ingredients mentioned in your recipes?
Question for You of the Week: What’s your favorite healthy dessert?
Giveaway Winner!
Giveaway of the Week: sprouted vegan bread from Silver Hills Bakery!