Prof-I – I-Tal Rasta Raw Vegan Not Smoking

Prof- I explains why we should avoid certain foods and alcohol. He also explains why he does not smoke marijuana.

Rastafarians practice a strict diet referred to as “ital”. Their diet often gets wrongly classified as vegetarian when their diet more reflects the tenets of modern raw veganism. While over a million people identify themselves as Rastafarians, few follow a ital diet. The ital diet prohibits the consumption of processed or packaged foods, animal products, salt, alcohol, tobacco products, or coffee.Rastas will not consume water from glasses or bottles nor eat out of metal, using instead calabash (a fruit hollowed and utilized as a natural bowl). This healthy style of eating derived from survival. As multinational companies forced Rastas from their lands in the countryside of Jamaica, they relocated to the crowded slums of Kingston. Due to their religious beliefs and what the establishment viewed as a “dreaded” appearance employment opportunities were scarce; even physicians discriminated against servicing the Rasta man. These warriors viewed by society as ganja-smoking lunatics read ferociously, learning of natural cure, plant alkaloid healing and eating healthy dishes using local foods. Rastas yearn for full independence from Babylonian “Shitstem” for their livelihood.