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I Am Doing Extensive Studies And Reading The Book, “The China Study”, I Went Vegan With Health Close In Mind. I Do Feel Better than I Have Ever Been In My Life. seems Like All My Health Issues Have Been Reversed And My Mood And Energy Are Full Nearly Everyday. I Thank God Everyday I Found The Vegan Diet For Myself And How We Are Actually Made For It. Got Any Health Problem? Cont. Read Below.. A Plant-Based Diet Is Usually The Solution, As I Have Dedicated My Plotts Health Channel To Exposing The Truth About How They Recently Discovered That Our Bodies Physiology Is 100% HERBIVORE And Not Even Omnivore, Really Has Turned My Whole World Upside Down And The Further I Learn More,
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Eric Plott I Realize That A RAW FOOD Diet Actually Is Even A Step FURTHER BETTER In A Healthy Procurement Of A OPTIMUM TYPE OF LIVING…It Will Be A Challenge, But It Is My Ultimate Goal To Become A Raw Foodist, Like This Man Here. I Take My Hat Off To You. And If Anybody Would Like To Watch ONE OF The Studies That Prove We Are HERBIVORES And Not Made To Eat Meat, Please Let Me Know. There Is Too Much Money In The Meat & Diary Industry To Be Made, That Of Course They NEVER PUBLISHED THIS STUDY (THE CHINA STUDY) TO THE PUBLIC. As If That Would Stop The Majority From eating Meat And Diary; YEAH RIGHT! Glad I Did And I Will Be DAMNED If I Go Back. VEGAN FOREVER.