Vegan (Plant-Based) for a year and why I am not continuing

*edit* I changed title to plant-based because as people have pointed out being a Vegan is much more about the activism then the dietary lifestyle.
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I have been absolutely terrified to post this, nervous of the hate I may get from the Vegan community. I hope people will understand my choices are 100% selfish and I am aware of that, but they are selfish because my physical and mental health are on the line and I am totally okay with saying that I believe my health is more important than an animal. I do not believe we are equals, but I do believe they deserve a better life. Before anyone says anything about not eating enough on the diet and that is why I failed, don’t bother, I ate enough and drank enough water. Just don’t even go there kthanks:D I also got insight from people who truly thrive in this lifestyle, cried on the phone, cried while skyping and tried to figure out why my body was reacting negatively to it.

I am willing to try out veganism again in my life but for now I will be returning to the way of eating that has worked best for me thus far in all arenas of my life.

I tried Raw, High Carb, Starch Solution and various other ways of eating Vegan and found that none of them helped with my health, which is why I went vegan. I also started to feel worse and although I felt like a failure with the support of loved ones I was able to realize I needed to change things. Like I said, this isn’t the last time I will probably eat vegan, I am willing to give it another go- but not for now.

A Timeline for everyone: Averaging 1800-2000+ Calories
5 months – 100% hardcore, no cheating High Carb Lowest fat ever vegan
4 months – Raw Till 4, still very low fat, only going to 15% if I happened to be eating out
1.5 month – Starch Solution
1.5 month – Just trying to stay vegan and not fail on the community and not hate myself.

My dear vegan friends, I love you dearly and have cherished all of our times together and your open arms in the community. I pray you would understand that just as you stay Vegan for your vitality, this choice is truly based on me feeling incredibly ill continuing. I have a few messages for you in my video and I hope you would read it.

People who are interested in Veganism, I HIGHLY recommend trying it out. I know so many people who THRIVE on it and I am seriously envious of that. Try it out it may just be the best for your body!

I am no longer vegan, I am now eating meat, dairy and eggs. I have transitioned out of the High Carb Vegan Lifestyle and it works for me.

I love you all, I still love vegetables, I still love animals even though I eat them- I do believe there can be a balanced relationship with that. I still fully support and believe in the health benefits that a vegan lifestyle can bring but I also fully believe that everyones bodies are different and some can thrive and others cannot.

I love you guys, XOXO