How I eat fully raw when life gets hard.

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My Health Journey:
​When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I suffered from an upset stomach for most of my childhood, and was deemed “lactose intolerant” at a young age. But, once high school began, I was getting too sick to just avoid dairy. Upon my diagnosis, I began experimenting with my diet, in addition to taking over a dozen perscription drugs for my illness. I found myself eating the “white diet” for almost six years, which consisted of mostly fiberless, processed foods such as white bread, processed meat, egg whites, and sugary cereals. This diet allowed me to live my life outside of the bathroom, but did not aid in healing. Around age 19, I began experimenting again with my diet, and trying to incorporate more healthy foods. I introduced vegetables and fruits into my diet, and started eliminating highly processed foods. Through this journey, I stumbled upon the paleo diet, and eventually to veganism eight months later. One month after going vegan, I found Fully Raw Kristina on YouTube, and binge watched her videos. The next morning I woke up and ate bananas for breakfast, and have not eaten cooked food since. I was able to get off all of my prescription drugs, and be completely symptom free! This lifestyle has helped me turn a negative diagnosis into a positive lifestyle change. Through this journey, I have manifested my dream life- living in the tropics in a sustainable community, and becoming my happiest and healthiest self.