why Alkaline and not just vegetarian or vegan (health facts)

why an alkaline lifestyle is an empowering choice over just being a vegan or a vegetarian although i think a vegan or vegetarian diets are far superior than typical meat eating diets, they could use a little tweaking to optimize ones health. What defines an alkaline diet is the next question I am sure you are wondering, right? To put it simply, it involves eating a whole lot more vegetables which are the main source of alkaline foods and eliminating the things that ferment and rot in our bodies. As Dr Robert O. Young says, “Our bodies become infested with certain bugs that feed off us and we are hosting a parasite party!” usually everyone suffers from this in some way and for some it is out of control and causing massive disease that is killing them. Foods that ferment include yeasts, fungus and molds that many people eat regularly in the form of vinegars, soy sauces, mushrooms, meats, aged cheeses, breads, miso, even nutritional yeast to point out just a few. These foods that become toxins inside our bodies and need to be eliminated from our bodies and our diet for optimal health. Optimally 70-80% of your intake should be vegetables and raw for that matter if possible. The other 20-30% can be an assortment of grains, proteins like soy beans, fish, white, hemp protein, healthy oils, nuts & seeds etc (with the least focus on animal products keeping them around only 5% of your intake or eliminating them altogether)
Remember An acidic pH – which is anything lower than a 7.0 – can lead to a host of health problems. The body is designed to thrive in an alkaline state

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